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Convert elevation meters to feet

Modified from Williams and elevation Moore, 1983.
Sources feet of Information: Einarsson,., 1974, The Heimaey eruption in words and meters pictures: Heimskringla, Reykjavik,.The fissure extended across the feet entire island, producing a spectacular curtain of fire.Strong winds blew tephra from the eruption and buried homes in the town Vestmannaeyjar.Photograph by Iceland Geodetic Survey, September, 8, 1973.More than 19 miles (30 km) of pipe and 43 pumps were used to deliver sea water at rate up.3 meters cubic yards (1 cubic meters) per second.Images of Volcanoes, to VolcanoWorld.Kvert-Project: Sheveluch (1000-27) 03:57 UTC on February feet 1, 2011 Volcano: Sheveluch (1000-27) Aviation Color Code: Orange Location: 5639'N, 16121'E Elevation of vent (meters/feet 2,500 m/8202 ft the dome elevation Height of ash plume (km/feet) ASL and how determined: km/0 ft - unknown Distance from the.From Williams and Moore, 1983.Within two days, activity became localized to a central vent and fire fountains constructed a cinder and spatter cone 350 feet (100 m) above sea level.This vertical aerial photograph of the island shows the improved harbor, Helgafell and Eldfell cones, and the new land added to the island.The town of Vestmannaeyjar and the harbor are in the foreground.Eldfell fire mountain" in Icelandic) is a volcano on the island of Heimaey in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago 15 miles (25 km) south of Iceland.About 70 homes and farms were buried under tephra and 300 buildings were burned by fires or buried under lava flows.Simkin,., and Siebert,., 1994, Volcanoes feet of the World: Geoscience Press, Tucson, Arizona, 349. With a heroic effort the people of Iceland saved the town of Vestmannaeyjar and the country's most important fishing port.

The loser simulator eruption stopped in early July.Grove,., 1973, Volcano overwhelms an Icelandic village: National Geographic Magazine,.Photograph office by Robin Holcomb,.S.Williams,.S., and projector Moore,.G., 1983, Man against volcano: The transport eruption on Heimaey, biggest Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland:.S.This eruption is keytxt famous because the Icelanders sprayed sea water on the lava to slow and stop its movement.Thorarinsson,., Steinthorsson,., Einarsson,., Kristmannsdottir,., and Oskarsson,., 1973, The eruption on Heimaey, Iceland: Nature,.View in July 1974 of the same scene as above after removal of the lava.By the end of the eruption 8 million cubic yards (6 million cubic meters) of water had been pumped onto the flows.Eldfell and the 1973 lava flows are just beyond the town. Location:.4N,.3W, elevation: 915 feet (279 m last Updated: The 1973 eruption on the island of Heimaey is a classic example of the struggle between man and volcanoes.
Except where blast noted, all photographs are by the late Svienn Eirikksen, fire marshal of the town of Vestmannaeyjar.